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imgres¬† ¬†Began working on the role of Maddallena this week. I feel slightly overwhelmed by her complexity and the task of making sure I don’t compromise anything in the performance as well as in my own faith walk. Its difficult to walk the walk of Christ and be immersed in this genre of music. I pray that I would not shame Him and also do justice to the character…a tragic one at best whose fallenness, as the rest of humanity, is evident in her attraction to a man who is pledged to someone else; a love misplaced…a character who is also, as I am, in need of a Saviour.


Masterclass Review


(photo credit: Tom Elgersma of Encore Photography.

Just finished the latest round of Master Classes with the great Opera Star, Aprile Millo. Such an exhilarating experience. I am really looking forward to the Intensive this coming August.